Wow! I read this book through within a few hours without a break.
Very fast-paced and excellently delivered.
Waiting for the next book.

Jennifer Campbell

‘A Must Read’

‘Unveiling The Charade’ grips your attention from start to finish. Well written and easy to read. Definitely ‘A Must read!

Gifty Blekpe
CARE International

A Page Turner, An Intriguing Fascinating Story!

A page turner, an intriguing fascinating story of being in a relationship with a narcissist and its eventual consequences.it further brings to light the pitfall of loving a flawed man. I admire the author’s courage to walk away from a toxic relationship and this will help other women to do same,

Nana Abena Kufuor

Deceit and Fabrications amounting to Emotional Abuse and More!

The author holds nothing back with her story! The author lets us into her life giving us details of a six-year relationship of deceit and the fabrications which amounted to emotional abuse and more. I am so glad that she managed to put that behind her and has channeled her energies into a healing process with such a great book, which no doubt will help others. Being aware of persons with narcissistic personality disorder will definitely help us know how and when to walk away. The questionnaire at the end is such an eye opener!

Akos Fordwor


In a visceral way, the author tells a chilling story that many have experienced without exactly knowing how to communicate it to others in simple, clear ways. The author demonstrates that there is hope even when one is faced with humiliation and unfulfilled dreams.

Christian Acemah

Coming out refined,and not charred by the heat.

Oh how intriguing and insightful. Gripped with anxiety and fully engaged as I flipped from page to page. Identifying with most parts my tears wouldn’t stop.
What a piece that warns us that indeed “All that glitters is not gold”.

Afua Arko

Breathtaking from start to finish.

A beautiful captivation of a real life story shared from deep within her heart.
Angela’s emotional story is a must read for all. Narcissists are all around us-friends, partners and family.
I love the way she went the extra mile to help her readers identify the narcissists in their lives
with the characteristics and the quiz at the end of her book.
Although she had to endure this abuse for over six years, the Lord will use her story to help prevent others from going through this emotional torture.
Angela, well done! Thank you for being brave enough to share your story. May He who started a good
work in you bring it to completion. May He use you to change and improve the lives of those who read this book.

Ama Engmann

An Exquisite Work on Pretense and Deception

Unveiling the Charade is an exquisite work on the matter of blatant pretense and deception.
Thanks to Angela Christian for obeying the voice of God and pressing on amidst all the hindrances to write “Unveiling the Charade.”

Unveiling the Charade is a great resource, an eye opener and will be a true deliverance for many…

Kathy Ocran
Pastor, Lighthouse Chapel International , Silver Spring Maryland

A Captivating Book!

This is a captivating book which draws you into the intriguing and heart wrenching relationship experienced by the author. It is a powerfulstory of love and deception, hope and despair, faith and courage, but above all the will to walk away from emotional abuse and gain back one’s self-esteem.

Josephine O.


You can hardly lay this book down until you have finished reading it. The language is so easy and captivating, drawing you into every inch of the author’s journey. I find this so much revealing of the things we ignore that are tell-tale signs of emotional and psychological abuse that can be debilitating for any individual. Angela’s story vividly shares her painful personal experience that anyone can identify with one way or the other. God our father wants the best for us, and I trust that as you peruse the pages of this easy to read book and in prayer, it will shed light to help you in your walk in finding your suitable partner.

Antoinette Shor

A Story About Pain and Transformation

‘Unveiling the Charade’ exposes the transformative power present in every situation that confronts us with our own powerlessness. By finally coming to terms with her inability to control the events driving her relationship under, Angela faces her
fears square on and succeeds in unveiling painful truths that both devastates and transforms her. This story speaks to the hero in us all. Bravo.

Sylvia Ampofo
Teacher, Lincoln Community School, Accra

A Book about Courage and DIGNITY

This is a book about courage. A book about DIGNITY. I recognized myself in it, my weakness in love, but also my strength in setting boundaries. It taught me dignity. There are words that will stick to me forever. Thank you! Definitely a good read. A cornerstone to breaking away from toxic relationships.

A.G. Mogan
Author - The Secret Journals of Adolf Hitler


Unveiling the Charade is a powerful and clear account of her confusing and detrimental relationship with a narcissistic man. The author’s honest and heartfelt recount of events are a testimony to her courage in laying bare her own vulnerability and the hurt this relationship caused. Her faith in God and how this carried her through is also beautifully depicted. The beauty of this book is that it serves as an alert to anyone who is involved in a similar type of relationship and how the only solution is to walk away from these destructive types of people. At the end of the book, the author’s helpful pointers about the characteristics of a narcissist, the impact they have and a practical quiz to determine whether your partner is a narcissist, all add extra value to an already highly valuable story. This is a great resource and comfort for those who are, or have been involved, with a narcissist. Highly recommended!

Meredith Swift

A Survivor’s Tale

Unveiling the Charade is an powerful and inspiring book. Read it, and be educated as to the warning signs of men you should avoid!

Kirsty Pollock
KAP IT Consultancy