About Angela Christian

Angela Christian is an entrepreneur, small business advisor, writer, planner and project manager.

Angela graduated cum laude with a degree in Global Business and Public Policy and has certificates in Business Counseling, Entrepreneurship Development and Project Management. In a former life, Angela founded OfficeTeam Link Ltd, a consulting firm specializing in business development, recruitment and training.

In her debut book, Unveiling the Charade, Angela shares her firsthand experience after a harrowing six-and-a-half year encounter with a “strange man.” This person is later unveiled for what he is after all the evidence is put in perspective when she stumbled across a random article.

Unveiling the Charade is a call to action to help create awareness on narcissism and narcissist abuse. It also serves as an eye opener to avoid fatal relationship decisions that could potentially lead to narcissist abuse, a situation comparable to psychological murder or psychological manslaughter.

It is Angela’s sincere hope that her story may help others, who may find themselves in a similar situation, to realize the danger they may be in and to do something about it.